Slay the Beast 0.0.9 for Windows on IndieDB


So, I’ve been plugging away at Slay the Beast and posting builds on IndieDB. It’s… pretty cool actually. I admit that I was a bit cautious going into the whole “open development” thing, but posting regular builds to IndieDB has been really enlightening and encouraged me to ferret out many bugs that I might otherwise have let fester. So, yay that!

In other, highly-related, news, I’ve release version 0.0.9 of Slay the Beast for your consumption.
Since the last build I have:

  • Fixed characters not flashing red on fatal blow
  • Knight will now fall in different directions depending on direction of fatal blow
  • Added blue glow at base of flame attacks
  • Added particle effects to fireball and slash impacts
  • Fixed race-condition crash going from menu to in-game
  • Archdemon can now turn-around by pressing RB (Right Bumper) / P on Keyboard
  • Fixed some garbage collection issues
  • Added particle effects on Knight and Archdemon death
  • Fixed Knight knockback logic to be framerate independent
  • Fireballs that land outside arena no longer spawn flames inside the arena
  • Added shadow under fireballs
  • Added breakable candles that release power-ups that can be used by heroes

Hit the link to enjoy the chaos:
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.9 (Windows)

Slay the Beast 0.0.3 for Windows is Now Available on Indie DB


A new version of my latest indie game, Slay the Beast, is now available on IndieDB. This build fixes several bugs and adds new Knight abilities.

New features / fixes in this build:

  • Made Demon spit attack slightly faster
  • Added Dash / Air-Dash ability to Knight
  • Fixed bug where demon could get stuck in a waiting-to-respawn state
  • Fixed animations and particles persisting between rounds
  • Added Slash Projectile when Knight attacks with full HP
  • Made life bars dual-layered so it’s easier to see recent damage inflicted
  • Fixed intermittent boot crash

Just hit the button below to download version 0.0.3:
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.3 (Windows)

Click this banner to visit Slay the Beast on IndieDB:
Slay the Beast

Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA Windows Build 0.0.1 Now Available on IndieDB!

The first build of Slay the Beast is now available on IndieDB for you to download and play.

This is an early PRE-ALPHA version of the game. This means that it is very far from feature complete. It is not representative of the final product. As development continues, this game will continue to be updated and have new features added regularly.

This version of Slay the Beast is for 2 players to compete in a 2-round match between a heroic Knight and a powerful Archdemon.

Just hit the button below to download the build (Version 0.0.1):
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.1 (Windows)

Version 0.0.2 now available:
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.2 (Windows)

Or click below to visit Slay the Beast on IndieDB:
Slay the Beast

New Project, New Screenshot – Slay the Beast

While I may not be updating my blog very often lately, I assure you that I’ve been staying busy.

As proof, here’s a (very) early work-in-progress screenshot of my current indie game project, Slay the Beast:

Slay the Beast is a versus fighting game where one player controls a huge boss-level monster. While the other player controls a puny (but respawning) hero. The sprites are from Oryx Design Lab‘s Hifi Gothic Set and animation is done with Spine, from Esoteric Software.

The game is still at an early stage of development. Heck, I just started this project a few weeks ago! However, I plan on making WIP builds available soon. Stay tuned for more news.
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#OneGameAMonth Update: Itano Alpha Flight


Okay, okay. I’m about two weeks late but I finally finished up my February #OneGameAMonth entry. In my defense, I did have a confluence of life and work events knock into my schedule. But, that’s neither here nor there. I said One Game a Month.

As I mentioned previously, my goal for February’s game was to capture some of that Itano Circus feel. With that in mind, I even went so far as to name the game “Itano Alpha Flight”. And now the game is available for you to play.
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An Easy Way to Break Your Save Data in XNA

Late last week, I finally managed to pass an update for Robot Legions out onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. I wasn’t originally planning to release an update this early (I have some other features in-the-works for the “real” next update), but… I had a bug. A nasty save data killing bug.


So, in the interest of helping other XNA devs out there, let me tell you about what I screwed up and how I fixed it. Continue reading

More Fun with SpriteFonts

A while ago, I posted about pre-rendering text to improve runtime performance when using XNA SpriteFonts. Since then, I’ve managed to complete a game (Robot Legions, currently up for peer review) using my XNA codebase and got to try out my text pre-rendering solution in a real project. It worked out pretty well, but there were a few features that I wished I had implemented ahead of time. Well, while Robot Legions was being play-tested, I went ahead and implemented some of those features. Now I’ll describe those features and share a bit of (hopefully) helpful code that will let you use them in your own games. Continue reading

Using CLRProfiler to Take Out the Trash, Part 2

In last week’s post, I described how I used CLRProfiler to identify a couple parts of my code that were producing garbage every frame. One related to equality comparisons with my ActorState struct and another involving System.Objects being produced when I called RuntimePropertyInfo.SetValue(). This time, I’ll talk about what I did to fix those two problems. Continue reading