Show Me the Money: Robot Legions

That's Tom shouting those famous me the money
Alrighty then, it’s been about 3 months since I released Robot Legions on Xbox Live Indie Games so I think it’s about time I came out about how it’s been selling. Before I get into the numbers, let me preface by saying that I’m definitely not buying a private island any time soon. Hell, with these sort of numbers I’m not quitting my day job any time soon either. Which is fine because I rather like my job. (And we’re hiring. Nudge, nudge.)
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#OneGameAMonth Status Report

It’s February and I’ve been at #OneGameAMonth for about 6 weeks now, so I thought it was about time to comment on how it’s going.

Before that though, a few words about why I’m doing #OneGameAMonth (#1GAM for short) in the first place. Here is the mission statement from my #OneGameAMonth profile page:

My biggest hope in joining #OneGameAMonth is to use it as a chance to challenge all my assumptions about how games should be made. By holding to the seemingly impossible goal of One Game a Month, I hope to find what I need to change (and what I’m unwilling to sacrifice) in order to make more, better games. Also, making friends and becoming AWESOME!

My main goal is to challenge myself to approach game development in ways that I haven’t before. So, this is how am I doing so far: Continue reading

New Update Out for Robot Legions on XBLIG!

I’m proud to announce that the latest update for Robot Legions is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games. You can grab it from the Indie Games section of your Xbox 360 or over the web from this page.

This update improves upon the original with new graphical effects and an added ability for the player to toggle their firing modes. Now you can switch between synced and alternating fire modes allowing you to choose between accuracy and rate-of-fire as best fits the situation. Continue reading

An Easy Way to Break Your Save Data in XNA

Late last week, I finally managed to pass an update for Robot Legions out onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. I wasn’t originally planning to release an update this early (I have some other features in-the-works for the “real” next update), but… I had a bug. A nasty save data killing bug.


So, in the interest of helping other XNA devs out there, let me tell you about what I screwed up and how I fixed it. Continue reading

Using CLRProfiler to Take Out the Trash, Part 2

In last week’s post, I described how I used CLRProfiler to identify a couple parts of my code that were producing garbage every frame. One related to equality comparisons with my ActorState struct and another involving System.Objects being produced when I called RuntimePropertyInfo.SetValue(). This time, I’ll talk about what I did to fix those two problems. Continue reading

Using CLRProfiler to Take Out the Trash, Part 1

As cutesy as it may be, I’m growing rather fond of my garbage collection count display. I’m especially fond of it because it helped me find garbage collections occuring in places I never expected them to happen. Such as my title screen for example:

Ack! Look at all those garbage cans, I mean recycling bins (reduce, reuse, recycle, folks!)

That’s a lot of garbage collections for a “static” title screen. Now, how to find out what’s causing all that garbage to be created… That’s where Microsoft’s CLRProfiler comes into play. Continue reading

Announcing… Robot Legions for Xbox Live Indie Games

After a brief stint in iOS development, I’m back to my Xbox Live Indie Games ways. For some games, you really need a physical controller in order for them to feel right. That feel is something I’ve really focused on in my latest project.

Robot Legions is a new twin-stick arena shooter for the Xbox 360. It features several different enemy types, each with unique behavior. As players defeat enemies, they will collect cash that they can use to upgrade their defense and firepower. The game also features several special feats to accomplish for players who want an extra challenge. Continue reading