Nice Logos, Epic

Almost every detail in a game has a development story behind it.  Even those company logo movies that play before the title screen.  People who’ve played Gears of War 3 may have noticed that Epic Games and Microsoft Game Studios deferred their usual logo movies for custom movies themed to match the game.  Using custom logos is certainly a nice creative touch, but there may be other, more technical, reasons why Gears of War 3’s startup movies ended up looking the way the do.  Now, bear in mind that I don’t any particular first-hand knowledge of Gear of War 3’s development so this is just me theorizing as an outside observer.
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What Makes a Good Bug Report?

They might not realize it due to my surly programmer attitude, but I love my testers.  I especially love a good bug report.  If a bug report is good, it can direct me almost exactly to the code I need to fix.  Some of the best reports allow me to diagnose a problem before I even look at the code.  With the right information about when, and under what conditions, a bug occurs, I can figure out solutions without so much as turning on my PC.  Even when I don’t know why a bug is happening, I can, at the very least, direct the bug report to the person most likely to know what’s going on.  Good bug reports can save incredible amounts of development time and, ultimately, lead to a better game.
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New Blog+

Welcome to Game Dev Without a Cause!

This is my blog about video games and various topics related to their creation. You can expect to see articles about the nitty-gritty of game development and design, progress reports on my personal projects, and the occasional rant on the state of the games industry. This site represents a chance for me to open my mouth, share what I do know, expose what I don’t know and, hopefully, learn a bit in the process.
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