Slay the Beast 0.0.9 for Windows on IndieDB


So, I’ve been plugging away at Slay the Beast and posting builds on IndieDB. It’s… pretty cool actually. I admit that I was a bit cautious going into the whole “open development” thing, but posting regular builds to IndieDB has been really enlightening and encouraged me to ferret out many bugs that I might otherwise have let fester. So, yay that!

In other, highly-related, news, I’ve release version 0.0.9 of Slay the Beast for your consumption.
Since the last build I have:

  • Fixed characters not flashing red on fatal blow
  • Knight will now fall in different directions depending on direction of fatal blow
  • Added blue glow at base of flame attacks
  • Added particle effects to fireball and slash impacts
  • Fixed race-condition crash going from menu to in-game
  • Archdemon can now turn-around by pressing RB (Right Bumper) / P on Keyboard
  • Fixed some garbage collection issues
  • Added particle effects on Knight and Archdemon death
  • Fixed Knight knockback logic to be framerate independent
  • Fireballs that land outside arena no longer spawn flames inside the arena
  • Added shadow under fireballs
  • Added breakable candles that release power-ups that can be used by heroes

Hit the link to enjoy the chaos:
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.9 (Windows)

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