Copy-Paste Between Different Objects in UDK

Normally, when you copy-paste data between objects in the UDK Editor, the source and destination objects must be the same type in order for the data transfer to succeed. There is, however, a useful trick you can use if you ever find yourself needing to copy large amounts of data between objects of different types.

The core of this trick stems from the format that UDK uses when copying data to the clipboard for copy-past operations. It just so happens that the format UDK uses when serializing data to the clipboard is the same format it uses for defining object settings in UnrealScript defaultproperties blocks. That is to say that it serializes objects to an easily human-readable, and therefore human-editable, format.

The trick is to, after copying an object from the UDK Editor, paste it to a text editor. From the text editor, you can modify the source object definition to match the destination object. Then, you just need to copy the modified text and paste it back into the UDK Editor. If all goes well, you should see your data copied to the destination object.

Voila! Tedious hand-editing averted by (semi-)clever hacking.

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