Ah, New Year’s. The annual turn of the calendar marked by resolutions and gym membership renewals. This year, my big resolution (or, rather, personal challenge) can be summed up with a single hashtag:


One Game a Month. That’s twelve games in a year. Considering that I struggled to launch two games last year (Michelangelo and Robot Legions, $1 a piece if you’re interested), this seems like a pretty tall order. And you know what, it is. But, I’m going to try and see how far I get.

One Game A Month is a motivational promotion being run by @McFunkypants. As the name suggests, the goal is to make a game every month. There are over 2000 developers signed-up who are ready to encourage each other to make games. As a nice touch, the One Game A Month site has implemented a suite of typical gamification features: experience points for making games, leveling-up profiles, and achievements.

On one hand, it’s silly. On the other, it’s also hugely motivating. If you’re a game dev looking for a challenge, this may be the one for you. If you need some more convincing, how about listening to @McFunkypant’s One Game A Month keynote speech:

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