Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA Windows Build 0.0.1 Now Available on IndieDB!

The first build of Slay the Beast is now available on IndieDB for you to download and play.

This is an early PRE-ALPHA version of the game. This means that it is very far from feature complete. It is not representative of the final product. As development continues, this game will continue to be updated and have new features added regularly.

This version of Slay the Beast is for 2 players to compete in a 2-round match between a heroic Knight and a powerful Archdemon.

Just hit the button below to download the build (Version 0.0.1):
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.1 (Windows)

Version 0.0.2 now available:
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.2 (Windows)

Or click below to visit Slay the Beast on IndieDB:
Slay the Beast

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