Slay the Beast 0.0.3 for Windows is Now Available on Indie DB


A new version of my latest indie game, Slay the Beast, is now available on IndieDB. This build fixes several bugs and adds new Knight abilities.

New features / fixes in this build:

  • Made Demon spit attack slightly faster
  • Added Dash / Air-Dash ability to Knight
  • Fixed bug where demon could get stuck in a waiting-to-respawn state
  • Fixed animations and particles persisting between rounds
  • Added Slash Projectile when Knight attacks with full HP
  • Made life bars dual-layered so it’s easier to see recent damage inflicted
  • Fixed intermittent boot crash

Just hit the button below to download version 0.0.3:
Slay the Beast PRE-ALPHA 0.0.3 (Windows)

Click this banner to visit Slay the Beast on IndieDB:
Slay the Beast

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